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3 Tips to Save Your Hardwood Floors From Holiday Damage

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Prepare the floors for the holiday season | Flooring Services London

Everyone is excited about the holiday season and Father Christmas coming to visit the house, right? And because of all this excitement and the desired free time, relaxation and fun coming up, maintaining the house and for the floors more specifically are definitely not on the top of the priority list. However, maintaining your wooden floors is definitely a necessity and this is important, even during the holidays, especially with so many guests and so much fun around the house coming up. We understand that the Christmas season can often turn out to be pretty overwhelming and stressful with all the last-minute Christmas presents shopping, thinking of Christmas dinner menus, considering fun activities for the children and planning the holiday out of town. Because of that, we have decided to share with you a last-minute guide to how to save your wooden floors from Santa’s clumsiness… because, you know, with all the cold weather outside and all the travelling with the reindeers he can be a little bit dizzy… or is it because of the egg nog?!

So, here are the most common situations, how Santa can destroy your flawless wooden floor we have noticed over the years and our recommendations on how to prepare and protect your wooden floor!

Santa’s chimney problem

He is coming through the chimney, you know. If you don’t have a fireplace, then do not worry, because Father Christmas is going to find another way to leave all the presents under the Christmas tree. However, if you have a fireplace, you have to protect your wooden floor from the possible charcoal and embers flying out into the room. How to enjoy your fireplace safely this year? Simply place a rug or mat in front of the fireplace to prevent ash and embers from rolling out and damaging your floor. However, be sure to place the rug not that close to the fireplace, otherwise, you may start a fire. In addition, be sure to have a chimney inspection every year and use the required caution by following all rules for fireplace safety. It is important to extinguish the fire before going to bed or leaving the house and you also have to allow the ashes to cool fully before you dispose of them.

Santa’s Christmas three problem

Well, Santa may be a little bit dizzy after entering your house through the chimney and he may have a problem finding the Christmas tree. With all the wandering around the room, he will finally find the tree and leave the present under, however, he may leave a little Christmas tree needles to mess behind him. Christmas tree needles are something you have to pay attention to since they can cause scratches and ruin the appearance of your sleek and flawless floor. Simply be sure to place a Christmas tree skirt or some kind of rug or mat under the tree to prevent needles from leaving scratches.

Santa’s milk problem

It is already well-known that Santa enjoys a few chocolate chip cookies and a sip of milk. However, there is a risk of him spilling the milk over the floor. In general, liquids and wood are definitely not the best friends, so you have to prevent your wooden floor from spilling and remove them immediately all year round. All the issues will be minimised if you make sure the protective layer of your wooden floor is in good condition, otherwise, moisture and liquids could penetrate through the worn finish and cause damage to the bare wood underneath.