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In the blog category of Flooring Services London website you can find further information on variety of wood flooring topics, including floor maintenance and care tips, wood flooring advices, based on the years of experience we have in the branch and, of course, buying guides. We designed this section completely visitor friendly and we update it regularly with useful information. Our experts try to cover all aspects of the flooring services, so here you can find our opinion on wood floor fitting, a variety of refinishing services such as sanding, sealing and staining, we share our experience in flooring repair and restoration and reveal some of the biggest flooring maintenance business secrets.

We are constantly looking for inspiration and prefer topics, which may be interesting for our clients, so feel free to suggest interesting themes, share your ideas and ask Flooring Services London experts some questions. Please, don't hesitate to advert any wood flooring topic you desire.

Remember to keep an eye on the blog articles thread, so you won't miss any special offer we announce. Thank you for visiting our blog category! Flooring Services London hopes our articles are informative and interesting and they give you ideas and knowledge for better wood floor maintenance and care or inspires you to make your dream flooring project come true!

Latest Articles

Yellow balau decking is the perfect choice for any outdoor space, no matter if a balcony, terrace or garden. It is a great accent and works as the perfect focal point for larger areas, while it adds an illusion for a bigger space for small areas.

The laminate flooring is a relatively new product on the market, and is often preferred by the people because of its lower price and because of the fact that it looks like a real wood. But is it really cheaper to choose exactly this type of flooring – read our tips for more information.

Hardwood flooring offers a stunning, beautiful look in every room you install it, making your house look wonderful, but also adding a value to its price. But for a completely beautiful look of your home, you need to select the best furniture that will complement the look of the flooring and will make the room look really gorgeous.

Sometimes we have a number of small rooms in our home, which we don’t really know how to furnish or what is the right kind of floor for them. Such rooms can be the closet, a little study or a bedroom. There are ways, in which we can make them bigger, more spacious and lighter.

It is quite a challenge and takes a lot of wondering to select the most suitable flooring for each room of your home. As the market is full of different types of floorings and materials, it is quite difficult to select the correct choice for each premise in your home.

The proper maintenance of your wooden flooring is the key for its outstanding look and durability in time. Keeping it clean and using the proper detergents will make it stay beautiful for a long period of time. The advices below will help you maintain the perfect condition of your flooring.

As there are lots of hardwood flooring colors on the market, people need tips about choosing the best one for their own home. The color depends on different factors – the color of the room, its size, etc. Here are some tips on flooring color selection.