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Removing Wood Floor Stains: Easy Solutions

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Wood floor stains – how to remove them? | Flooring Services London

If you have invested in an expensive engineered wood or solid wood floor, stains are often one of the biggest problems. They are visible, stubborn and annoying and they ruin the appearance of the floor you have blown your hard-earned money for. Because of the stains, you often end up searching for the best solution, which may cost a lot and not always be the best solution really. However, do not panic, because there is always a big chance to bring your floor back to its initial beauty and flawless appearance before the annoying stains ruined it. After all, life is life and prevention is a good thing, but accidents can happen anytime and to anyone, so you are not the first one struggling with such a problem. Here are a few pieces of advice and recommendations for you and present to you the most convenient methods of removing stains out of hardwood and engineered wood floors.

First of all and before attempting to deal with the stain you have to know what type of stain it is, so you can treat it properly. In order to remove stains from wood flooring, you have to be aware not only of the specific cleaning requirements of wood but also of the type of stains. There are various types of stains, of course, and it won’t hurt if you know how to deal with them, so you can react immediately and prevent them from turning permanent. Stains also differ in terms of how easy and how hard they are to be removed and sometimes you may need to develop a special strategy in order to remove them successfully and in no time.

Think of the condition of the floor, its age and do not forget the condition of the finish. If the top protective layer is worn off, then there is a big chance for the stain to become permanent and affect the appearance of the bare wood underneath. How long the stain has been there? Answering this question is important too, because the less time the stain has spent on the surface, the more increased the chance of removing it is. Being aware of all these aspects will help you decide on the proper solution and approach.

In general, the fastest you treat the stain, the bigger chance of removing it entirely without spending too much time on that. Once you tackle the problem effectively, you will be able to bring back your floor to its initial beauty and glory. For example, stains like sweets, alcohol, nail polish and non-greasy food can be easily removed if you use warm water with the right cleaner, designed for the purpose. It is best to act really fast. For oily, greasy, stains caused by ink, food or dye it is recommended to use cold water mixed with ammonia.

For floors with newly applied to finish layer, there won’t be such a big problem removing any kind of stains, since liquids and spills cannot penetrate through the top layer and damage the bare wood underneath.