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Flooring Services in London

We provide excellent and affordable wood flooring service, including installation, repair and proper maintenance and it is your choice to initiate the transformation of your floor condition from unattractive and pathetic to personable and staunch. It takes one quotation time to start a lifelong change.

Book your free view below and our customer service member will contact you to provide further information and to confirm the appointment. Inspecting and diagnosing your floor condition will happen in convenient for you time and won't cost an extra charge. The free view is a guarantee for quality control and our natural way to express the personal approach we exhibit to our clients.

Floor Fitting

Professional floor fitting services

As one of the best teams in London, we at Flooring Services London are proud of many years of experience in wood floor installation and fitting. We mind the main and classic methods of preparing the subfloor for the next steps of floor fitting and at the same time mark all the specifies of your home with our individual approach.

Floor Sanding

Dust-free floor sanding

Flooring Services London is a team of pros with rich experience with floor sanding and sealing. We are proud to give our expert advice for free, based on the best methods of sanding, when it comes to parquet or engineered floors and to work with the leaders on the market, who provide high quality and safe finishing products. What makes us different is the fact, that we adapt to the needs of our clients in London and their unique style.

Wood Floor Repair

Expert wood floor repairs

Flooring Services London is your helping hand in London for all kinds of wood floor repairs. We can solve almost everything, complying with your personal needs, reasons of damage and type of flooring, without breaking the bank. We always use products we trust in and equipment to insure long life of wooden floors. Our team offers services such as fixing or replacing planks, filling gaps, sanding, stripping, buffing, staining and sealing. Our aim is the highest quality possible in floor repairs!

Floor Maintenance

Quality wood floor maintenance

Wood floor maintenance may look like an easy task. Then are you sure what cleaner to use, is the finish of your wooden flooring water-resistant? Do a favour on your floors and count on Flooring Services London for professional advice in the London area. We know what and how to use for best wood floor maintenance results. Flooring Services London is ready to bring back the freshness, shine and colour saturation of floors, using modern and gentle methods like polishing, re-coating and buffing. To create perfection we use the best products in the local London market.

Solid Wood Floor Sanding

Excellent solid wood floor sanding

There is something special about the antique charm of solid wood flooring. Old-world London houses and their majestic solid wood compositions are inspirations for modern designs. Do you wonder how is it possible for the flooring to look great over 100 years? We are here to reveal that secret. Shh, it's a special offer for London only! We provide the best sanding around to revive wood's old glory in a modern version. Our sanding service creates a satin-smooth surface for you to choose the finish. Anything you want - Flooring Services London is here to help!

Engineered Floor Sanding

Best engineered floor sanding

Engineered wood floors are probably the most popular choice for many houses and commercial projects. Easy to install, cheaper than solid wood floors, easily adapting to different kinds of subfloor and climate and sturdy enough to serve you many years – that`s just a vague idea of their positive qualities. They require less care, which includes engineered floor sanding from time to time. Now, since engineered wood is a delicately manufactured product, sanding should be done responsibly. Don't take the risk and call our London based team of experts from Flooring Services London.

Gap Filling

Wood floor gap filling

Flooring Services London's portfolio provides different repair service and gap filling is part of it. Our London clients have to be aware that for great wood flooring outcomes, flooring should be in perfect condition. To ensure durability and sturdiness we offer gap filling for loose and damaged flooring, right before sanding and sealing. We use two of the most effective methods, depending on the type of wood floors. Dust and resin mixed gap filling is great for small gaps in solid flooring like parquet. In addition, wood strips filling is suitable for repair of non-grooved floorboards and consist of bigger sized gap filling with wood strips.

Floor Sealing

Affordable wood floor sealing

We've started with great floor sanding in London and now it's time for the finishing touch – floor sealing. While untrained eyes can't detect the importance of sanding, levelling, floor sealing is impressive. Well, sealed flooring is the reason for all our London client`s ohs and ahs, this makes wood floors visibly beautiful. For us is really important to use only high quality and safe products, because we like to inset our hard work with the best finishes. Floor sealing is the exciting finish of our concept for durable and beautiful flooring.

Commercial Floor Sanding

Professional commercial floor sanding

What consist of commercial floor sanding we offer in London? This is a three-step process, used on all kinds of wood flooring, from solid to engineered wood. Sanding involves stripping off the old top layer (being lacquer, varnish, paints, etc.) back to a smooth bare wood surface ready for the new finish. Commercial floor sanding consists of three work stages – hard, medium and fine, starting with rough work like levelling, removing damages and scratches and ending with delicate by hand job. This means, that after our quality work is done, the next finishing coats and transparent or shaded layers can be smoothly applied over.

Engineered Floor Fitting

Quality engineered floor fitting

Choosing an engineered floor is an obvious choice for the London area, they are easy to install onto uneven and damp subfloor, require low maintenance, are pretty affordable, they offer long life and strength. These features make engineered floor fitting sometimes the only choice, which will survive the environment and conditions, typical for the London climate. There are also different options you can choose from when it comes to the installation of engineered floors. Nailed, glued or floating, Flooring Services London will advise you the best, depending on the individual needs of the subfloor and flooring itself.

Laminate Floor Installation

Laminate floor fitting

Laminate fabrication is pretty new on London's market, but Flooring Services London expert team get used to laminate floor fitting pretty quickly, since this type of flooring is easy to install. Cheaper and solid, laminate is possible to be laid everywhere - no matter if domestic or commercial projects. Laminate installation is pretty unpretentious and fits all kinds of subfloor, which makes it suitable for lower levels of the buildings, uneven surface, etc. Underlay is needed in certain situations and Flooring Services London is ready to help you choose one, depending on the individual specifies of your London home.

Floorboards Fitting

Precise floor boards fitting

Floor boards fitting doesn't require some extra competencies since it remains any type of wood flooring. Overall it is better done by professionals and we have the right skills and tools for perfect fitting services in London. In addition, we provide free estimate in London area and closer look to the boards material and the proper way they should be installed. We can advise you about the best and informed choice and we will do the needed prep before fitting starts. Flooring Services London always bets on the best products and equipment on local London market.

Floor Insulation Fitting

Expert floor insulation fitting

Floor insulation fitting is filling the structural gaps with natural or manufactured materials underneath existing flooring. The insulation doesn't have the visual effect of other flooring services, but it improves your life. London area is known for cold winter days and heating bills can escalate quickly. Flooring Services London provides the best fitting services of floor insulation amongst all flooring services around London, because we offer high quality job and materials. In addition, you can take advantage of our team, because we can repair damaged floors before the insulation.

Floor Boards Repair

Excellent floor boards repair

With time floor boards may need some care, including repair services. Floor issue may look minor and then growing into a bigger problem in no time. Flooring Services London can handle any problem in London by providing the best floor repairs. If any signs of boards issues pop out (squeaky boards, discoloration, loose planks) just call us on 020 70360625 and book your free estimate in London. Our repair service starts with inspecting and checking for underlayment issues. Then we look for any loose nails and replace with new ones to create sturdy flooring in London.

Floor Scratch Repair

Precise floor scratch repair

Scratches can quickly ruin the appeal of any beautiful hardwood flooring as a sign of growing issue. Causers vary and each requires different fix. Flooring Services London team can help you with professional floor scratch repair in London area. We follow proven and successful scratch repair system to fix your flooring for both residential and commercial projects in London. Fine scratches are easier to fix. When scratches are deeper, they damage the wood surface and can cause cracked and loose planks. Contact us for London projects, because your floor may need repair or removing damaged pieces.

Floor Polishing

Floor polishing

Floor polishing is an investment and we at Flooring Services London want to ensure you enjoy it as long as possible. Floor polishing is maintenance, which is good to be repeated every few months for best results. After the service, your floors will look extra shiny and new and will be really easy to clean. Polishing products are adaptive to certain types of flooring and for London residents, we provide free estimate. We use the best products on London market. Contact us for more information.

Parquet Floor Sanding

Quality parquet floor sanding

Paris may be the birthplace of parquet flooring, but London is the place, where parquetry is treated the best. Thanks to Flooring Services London rich experience in parquet floor sanding, we can transform this antique-looking disaster into the latest trend. No matter if you prefer trendy interior designs, inspirational colours and out of this world gloss, or you bet on a more organic and genuine look that reveals the natural beauty of wood, our team can turn your floor into a blank canvas for exciting projects by parquet sanding. It's not an easy job and that is why they call us the best in London!

Floorboards Sanding

Dust-free floorboards sanding

As a longtime London market leader floorboards sanding is part of Flooring Services London job. Since the boards used for floors are pretty “raw” timber material, they play the role of blank canvas for your imagination to unleash. So many options of staining and refinishing floorboards are executables nowadays in London, however, too much manipulation can cause quicker worn of wood. In that case, you need a bright new start and we offer that with our modern floor sanding system, which creates a great smooth floor surface for your new ideas to be placed.

Stairs Sanding

Expert stairs sanding

Flooring Services London team is known for the best wood flooring sanding, sealing and repairs in London. Did you know that stairways can also look amazing with the help of stairs sanding? After that big floor sanding project you are probably on a low budget, so contact Flooring Services London for amazing offers in the London area. Since stairs sanding is a fine job, often made by hand, you'll be surprised, that we not only have affordable prices, but we do the best job!

Wood Floor Staining

Wood floor staining

Floor staining is the fascinating finish of our previous hard work. The process provides not only a great finish that will last forever but also completely new look to vintage-looking, worn and dull floors. The only thing you have to do is pick a certain shade and we will advise you on the right products, depending on the type of flooring and it's condition. Flooring Services London is happy to announce, that we use only the best products on the London market, including natural and high-quality paints, colored lacquers and wax- and oil-based sealants. For domestic and commercial projects in London contact us, since we turn simple floor staining into art. It's a free imagination zone here and you are welcomed!

School Floor Sanding

Excellent school floor sanding

A young enthusiastic feed can cause large damages on wood flooring, so school floor sanding is often essential to save wood floors in great condition as long as possible. Flooring Services London is a company with a big portfolio, including school projects in the London area. We offer the best school sanding prices in London with no hidden costs. Our job is high quality and precise. We consider London schools schedule and can work during holidays. In addition, we will add years and years of life to the wood floor when it seems there's no hope, with perfectly done school floor sanding.

Solid Wood Floor Fitting

Solid floor fitting

Solid wood floor fitting needs some serious preparation. Since solid wood floors have the character of natural wood, creating perfect environment for this type of flooring is essential. Before installation in London, Flooring Services London will prep the subfloor, make it even and clean it for the best results. We pay attention to details and check the moisture level in room and use best adhesive. London humidity can cause timber's expansion and we keep that in mind while starting with the installation of the solid wood.

Parquet Floor Fitting

Superb parquet floor fitting

Parquet flooring is naturally made from wood and as such is sensitive to changes in humidity, especially with London's climate. Parquetry can be the worst project of your life for so many reasons. Unprepared subfloor can cause unevenness, poor installation of parquet floors done by amateurs, bad layout and more and more. Well, parquetry itself is expensive flooring and removing and repair after poorly done job can cost you a lot of money. Why to take that risk when our Flooring Services London experts team has many years of experience in parquet fitting in London and surrounding areas.

Staircase Floor Fitting

Affordable staircase floor fitting

We are at the top of the list of the best flooring services in London, including staircase floor fitting. Fitting of staircase is not that simple, but precise job. Preparation is needed for smooth start, so we provide repair and sanding service all around London area. When subfloor is ready, we start cutting the wood material. Wood isn't that cheap at all, so we provide excellent cut. Then our crew starts the staircase fkiir fitting and you end up with the perfect treads, risers and balustrade system installed.

Soundproofing Wood Flooring

Quality soundproofing wood flooring

Our expertise in soundproofing wood flooring brings a tangible reduction in both airborne and impact noises, attaining a level of tranquillity that exceeds expectations. Count on our proficiency for soundproof floor fitting in both domestic and commercial projects throughout London.

Solid Wood Floor Repair

Best solid wood floor repair

Solid wood floors are great investment because of the natural beauty and easy maintenance. Flooring Services London is here to help you with the best solid wood floor repair in London. When the topcoat finish is worn, it stops preventing the solid wood surface from damages, high traffic. Solid wood floor repair consist of directly to cut out stained, damaged and destroyed floorboards and install new ones.

Engineered Floor Repair

Affordable engineered floor repair

Engineered floor repair service is part of Flooring Services London's years of experience in the area. We believe in always finding the best solution. Repairs may be needed when the surface of the flooring isn't even or dull and scratched. Our engineered floor repair system in London can save and protect your floors thanks to high quality products and equipment, designed for best results in sanding and sealing, gap filling. For major engineered wood flooring problems in London we replace damaged parts of the floor with high quality matching material.

Parquet Floor Repair

High quality parquet floor repair

How to repair parquet floor and solve different issues such as dull, worn surface, loose planks and gaps, according the proper methods of parquet floor repair, using high quality products is a job many DIYers can't even imagine. If in London, rather bet on experts and call Flooring Services London. Parquet repair is a precise job, our main goal is to save the harmony of the pattern by creating even dimension. We provide full parquet repair service. We believe in individuality of the issue and provide expert information about parquet floor repair in London.

Wood Floor Cleaning

Wood floor cleaning

Every London housewife knows how to keep the house clean and shiny, but wood floor cleaning is not as simple as that. Different types of wood often need different cleaning techniques. Wood finishes are something you have to know since the wrong cleaner could damage your floor. Flooring Services London provides expert information. Our London based floor cleaning service is adaptive to every type of wood floor and finish. Do you consider waxing or polishing for dull and worn floors? Using the right products can keep your floor extra clean, delete fine scratches and prevent dirt and dust buildup.

Floor Waxing

Floor waxing

If you wonder how to bring back the beautiful floor's finish, there is one simple answer – floor waxing. Flooring Services London is specialized in many heavy-duty services in London, but floor waxing and recoating is our real passion. We simply start with floor finish stripping for our London based clients, which will get rid of prior wax layers buildup and dirt. Next, we start with the waxing process. There are many wax-based products available in the London market and we will choose the right one. Floor waxing is annual maintenance, but totally worth it!

Floor Stripping

Floor stripping

Floor stripping is the process you have to start with extra caution, mainly because of the powerful floor stripper solvents used. It is definitely not a thing you would like to do by yourself at your London home, rather hire a professional. Floor stripping service requires time to be learned, so we can offer the best results to our clients. This is the conception Flooring Services London gravitate around. Floor stripping removes the old floor wax finish. It consists of using powerful solvents we handle with extra caution. Stripping, waxing and buffing your floor will make it extra clean and glossy.

Wood Floor Re-Oiling

Quality wood floor re-oiling

We can see why oil-finished floors are so popular in London. Oil-finish highlights wood's natural beauty and texture and prevents bare wood from the aggressive environment. Most of the oil-finishes are low- or no-VOC, which makes them user friendly. Wood floor re-oiling has pluses, but the fact it needs more in depth maintenance could look like cons for some London clients. We provide professional service, which will last you as long as possible. In addition, we offer free information on proper cleaning and maintenance.

Wood Floor Recoating

Skilled wood floor recoating

Wood floor recoating consists of applying a fresh finish without prior sanding. The recoating can give your flooring completely new look, texture and feel. Since recoating is the application of new coat of polyurethane, you have to know your prior coat, because fine screening may be needed. Flooring Services London's experts always bet on the best products on London market to ensure you can enjoy your floor finish longer. If your floor is too damaged and there are deeper scratches, affecting the bare wood, contact us for more information on sanding and sealing in London.

Commercial Floor Cleaning

Superb commercial floor cleaning

We at Flooring Services London have years of experience in both domestic and commercial floor maintenance. Commercial floor cleaning is not the everyday job of your cleaning crew, but way more intense and precise. Commercial floor cleaning is the process of removing any existing dust particle from the pores of the floor. We use heavy duty equipment for best results and special vacuuming system for the areas with high traffic. That way we provide extremely clean surface, which is environment and budged friendly. Don't neglect your flooring, because it is a sign of professionalism.

Vinyl Floor Installation

Vinyl floor installation

Whenever you are on a hunt for a reliable and reputable vinyl floor installation service contractor and supplier, you can completely trust us for your upcoming project. Whenever you choose to work with our professional and renowned company you can have the peace of mind your project is in safe hands of experienced specialists with years of expertise in the industry. You will be able to get and enjoy the outstanding results you are expecting from an expert team with a lot of knowledge and the right skills to handle any unexpected situation, even the most challenging one.