We are not just contractors of vinyl floor installation services in London and surrounding areas. We are also a renowned supplier of a wide variety of materials and products for vinyl flooring. For a complete supply and vinyl floor installation service, we are your best solution. The variety of the vinyl floor installation materials and styles we provide includes the highest quality products such as sheet, plank, and tile style. With a premier quality, lasting and hard-wearing power, and providing easy and effortless maintenance, you can choose from a great variety of designs and styles that mimic natural materials such as stone, hardwood, and tile perfectly. We ensure a tailored vinyl floor installation service to all clients based in the London area.

Even experienced vinyl floor installation professionals can hardly make a difference at first glance! Even better, we bring the showroom to you and from the comfort of your own home you are able to choose between styles, colours, and textures that will best suit your interior design and book a high-quality vinyl floor installation service. Once you are done making your final choice, we will start working on the vinyl floor installation project and carry it out with a lot of professionalism, attention to details, dedication. We strive to not just provide you with the vinyl flooring of your dreams that you will be able to enjoy for many years but also ensure a stress-free, time-saving, and minimal disruption overall vinyl floor installation experience you will enjoy.

So before you consider our company as a number one provider of vinyl floor installation service, let’s have a look at why you would like to choose vinyl flooring in general, plan a vinyl floor installation project and what are its main benefits and advantages.

Stay On Budget With Vinyl Floor Installation

In case you are looking for a cheaper flooring option that still looks amazing when installed and will last you for a long time, vinyl is definitely the best choice. Despite the fact it will cost you just a fraction of the price of a hardwood floor or a marble one, vinyl flooring is still going to bring a lot of elegance, functionality, beauty, and lasting power wherever vinyl floor installation is performed. So you don’t have to break the bank in order to be able to enjoy a really beautiful floor that looks like made from natural materials. With a low manufacturing cost and still high quality, you don’t have to compromise in order to be able to enjoy a beautiful floor on a budget and an affordable vinyl floor installation project.

Vinyl Floor Installation: Variety Of Colours, Styles, Textures

Exotic hardwoods, complicated tile patterns, the look of real marble floors – all these are a common interior design choice for millions of people because of their beauty and the elegance, prestige, and high quality they bring into the room. However, all these flooring options can cost you a little fortune and there is no need to pay the higher price in order to have the look in your home. All you need is a high-quality vinyl floor installation with product that perfectly mimics the look you are going for. With a wide variety of vinyl flooring styles and vinyl floor installation opportunities, textures, and colours you can easily add a lot of charm, distinctive character, and unique prettiness to every room and area you want, wherever vinyl floor installation is planned.

Vinyl Floor Installation: Hygienic And Easy To Maintain

Vinyl flooring is not only designed to be pretty, durable, and functional but also highly hygienic. With less seams of the installed floorboards unlike many other hard floor options, there are less gaps for bacteria, allergens, dust, and dirt to hide which pretty much means significantly cleaner and healthier indoor environment. Therefore, vinyl floor installation is recommended to households and commercial premises. In addition, vinyl floor maintenance and cleaning routine is easy and effortless and won’t make you invest a lot of elbow grease, money, and energy. Make sure to consider vinyl floor installation.

Vinyl Floor Installation: Durability And Lasting Power

Vinyl flooring is designed to be extra durable and functional, this is why it is a great choice for areas of high traffic and heavy footfall and for commercial premises too, where vinyl floor installation is recommended. However, even if a sort of damage happens, you don’t have to replace the whole floor but just the damaged area. Keep in mind that sheet vinyl flooring differs in vinyl floor installation and it may require a more in-depth and thorough repair or replacement.

Vinyl Floor Installation and Types of Vinyl Flooring

  • Vinyl Floor Installation of Sheet Vinyl – Sheet vinyl style is the perfect vinyl floor installation solution to rooms and areas where high moisture and humidity levels can be an issue. The main reason for that is the fact that vinyl floor installation happens without seems and moisture has no chance to get under the floor.
  • Vinyl Floor Installation of Plank Vinyl – Whenever you are going for the hardwood look on a budget, vinyl floor installation of planks is your best solution as they perfectly mimic the look of natural wood and resemble the look you desire, but for the more affordable price of vinyl floor installation.
  • Vinyl Floor Installation of Tile Vinyl – Whenever you want to recreate the look of stone, such as marble, or tiles, but you still don’t want to spend a little fortune on such a project, vinyl floor installation of vinyl tiles is your best solution. In addition, this type is the easiest to replace in case of damage, so make sure to consider vinyl floor installation of tiles.

Vinyl Floor Installation is Easier than Ever

Hardwood or natural stone floors are known to be pretty challenging whenever it comes to the fitting process. However, this is not something you will stumble upon with vinyl floor installation, especially if you choose reliable vinyl floor installation professionals like our experienced and skillful team of vinyl floor installation specialists. In general, the duration and nature of vinyl floor installation highly depend on the type of subfloor we will be working with. The most challenging case of vinyl floor installation is when concrete subfloors are not uniform, dry, or clean.

In this case, we do our best to level, clean, and dry the subfloor and prepare it for vinyl floor installation. In case that an underlay is required before the vinyl floor installation process for better insulation and improved stability, we always suggest and recommend it to our clients. Additionally, we provide the whole range of vinyl floor installation methods and we are experienced at all of them. In case the room has some specifics and a more specific vinyl floor installation is required, we will properly handle a more challenging vinyl floor installation.

Are There Any Disadvantages of Vinyl Floor Installation?

The only downside of vinyl floor installation is that, unlike hardwood and natural stone floors, it won’t add value to the property in case you decide to list it on the real estate market. However, this is not a problem if you keep the place to you, as the look that mimics hardwood and natural stone perfectly will bring the same aesthetic you will expect from more expensive options. Therefore, we highly recommend you vinyl floor installation and we guarantee you will enjoy your new floors with the help of our vinyl floor installation team.