Schools, just like any other building with commercial use, have high traffic. In addition most schools in London houses in old buildings with rich history, often poorly restored or never taken care of at all. Because of old-fashioned interior designs and wood flooring being popular years ago (actually, nowadays also), most of the schools have parquetry, solid or hardwood installed. Sports halls are usually all parquet floors, an example of NBA proven equipment. Now, because of actively treated and often installed with old materials and products, school floor sanding is essential and we are happy to take care of large flooring areas in London.

Flooring Services London is your specialist team for parquet, boards, hardwood and engineered wood refinishing. If your school is more than fifty years old, assembly and sports halls, rooms and corridors are most likely to have either parquet or hardwood floors. Both of these are expensive to replace and school floor sanding is the solution for better looking glossy floors, deprived of damages, loose blocks and planks, scratches, etc. Laminate may look better and cheaper alternative, but as we mentioned, replacement isn't that affordable, especially for big areas and parquet and solid wood flooring is super durable and can last you forever if properly sanded. No matter the type of wood flooring, We offer great school floor restoration services that will save you money and will last you decades.

Our team provides free estimate in London area. We look at current state of floors, previous history and activity of use. We believe, that every customer case is different and we will make individual payment scheme, depending on specific needs. We won't fabricate additional services if the floors don't need them and will do only required. However, we always put a lot of effort in the restoration of the school wooden floors.

What about the work itself? Although our team is well organised, we always double check and pays attention to every single detail, so the sanding procedure might take some time. We are happy to announce we are able to work during holidays and weekends. That means we won't interrupt learning process by any mean. Then we repair, replace damaged blocks and boards, finding the closest replacement. Gap filling, hammering nail heads, fixing loose pieces by gluing and nailing is part of the prep. Our workers always bet on the best machines that are almost completely dust free to ensure a minimal amount of debris. We also provide free plastic sheets to save doors, windows and nearby rooms as clean as possible and vacuum frequently.

School floor restoration may look like pretty straightforward job, but it need to be done by professionals. Otherwise, you take the risk of small flaws in timber, that untrained eye can miss and that can cause pretty serious damages in near future. Especially for buildings, used by young people and small children, risks have to be taken down to minimum. That leads us to the next thing – we always use safe equipment and products to ensure healthy environment for students and teachers. Call us on 0800 0434359 or 020 88309782 for further information!