Floor boards come in different materials and depending on material they need to be installed different way. If they are from solid timber are pretty tick and fitting has the specifies of solid wood flooring installation. If the boards are manufactured just like engineered wood flooring, their fitting consist of the same processes as engineered wood fitting. Sometimes making difference between different kinds of material and construction of the planks may be hard for untrained eye and we provide you further information and free estimate in London area.

A popular type of floorboards is solid wood timber cuts with thickness, which can vary from 12 to 19 mm. In that case, their fitting is the same as solid wood flooring laying. The subfloor should be prepared proper for best results. Uneven and not levelled, damp subfloor with high moisture level, no matter if concrete or existing wooden flooring can cause uneven installation. Because of the character of natural wood, the boards can enlarge due moisture (especially with the humid London climate) and crack or unfix. The subfloor should be clean, because if there is any dust particles, they can react with adhesive and cause the floor to become unstable. If you think to lay floor boards onto existing wooden flooring, you have to ensure, that there aren't any loose planks or visible nails heads. For concrete subfloor, underlay is essential, since it will work like moisture barrier, it will insulate footsteps sound and it will improve fitting process.

Solid wood boards can be laid with adhesive, glued directly on subfloor or nailed down. We use always the best products and equipment in addition to our high quality skills so we can ensure a fitting service, which will last you forever and won't need repairs at all. We work mainly in London and surrounding area. Fitting with tongue and groove clicking system is not a difficult task with a bit of know how and the right tools.

We have pleased clients portfolio in London longer than our service list and that makes us proud, but we always pay attention to smallest details. The timber should acclimatise, so leave their packaging open in the room they will be installed as long as possible and then contact us for further information and a fitting service in London. If you don't allow the boards to adjust this way, you run the risk of your boards working loose or bowing. The first board should be laid at 90 degree angle to the direction of the joists. There has to be at least 10 mm gap between the planks and the walls. Then the floor boards can be glued together or nailed. Floors with running cables or pipes around joists need extra caution.

Once we are done with the fitting, you might want to finish them with a stain or varnish. In that case we offer a wide variety of sanding, sealing, staining and finishing services, so contact us on 020 70360625 for London.