Wood floor waxing is maintenance process, which adds attractive and beautiful shine to your flooring and also protective, scratch-resistant layer. However, even if high quality wax products used, over time these layers wears off or become dirty and need recurrence. Flooring Services London offers great floor waxing and re-waxing service in London and surrounding areas. There are different ways of floor waxing of different types of flooring and different products available for use on floor surfaces. Depending on your flooring and its condition, we will advise you the best method. Overall, floor waxing is a great way to preserve your flooring for many years to come.

In some cases, removing the prior wax layer before applying new one is needed. Floor stripping is precise job, some strippers could damage certain types of wood flooring and it's better done by professionals, we can choose the right finish stripper and you can contact us for London projects. Before stripping the top layer, floor have to be completely dust free and clean. Then we apply floor finish stripper accurate, because it is pretty powerful solvent and could penetrate through gaps and cracks and damage your flooring. Sometimes scrubbing by hand is needed where there is more wax buildup. If necessary, floor finish stripping process may be repeated. We advise stripper solvent to be removed afterwards and not let dry.

Right after the finish is stripped off it is time for floor waxing. This will add beautiful gloss to your flooring and create durable surface. We will advise you what type of wax to choose, depending on previous wax finish or if you flooring has never be waxed. Then we will wax your wood flooring even and smooth, without missing any spot. Wax is not an easy product to work with and can build up easily, if wax layer is too thick, the whole process could fail to set properly. Some types of waxes need additional buffing for glossy finish.

There are several different products for floor waxing on London market you can choose from. For a high shine finish and best results, which doesn't need intense maintenance every now and then, you need something more potent than your local store wax paste. Depending on desired finish and protection, there are several different products available. You can have your gloss, semi-gloss line sheen or even matt. Another type of floor waxing products is moisture-based wax, which is more heavy duty and is recommended to be applied by professionals, so you can contact us for London projects. The reasons why you would like to consider this type of wax is because it's super long lasting and provides remarkable protection against scuffs and scratches.

Keep in mind, your flooring needs additional waxing every 6 or 12 months. It may look like too much work, but waxing definitely worth because of the beautiful finish and additional durability. You can always contacts us on 0800 0434359 or 020 88309782 or info@flooringservices.london to book a free estimate.