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We at Flooring Services London always try to explain to our clients every step of our services in order to provide informed choice. We know, that certain terms and procedures may sound really exotic to you and confuse you. For example, people often mistake wood floor recoating with refinishing. To reveal the meaning of the recoating process and share with you one of the best kept secrets in wood flooring world, we create for you this simple data base, where you can find basic information and know-how in accessible language. In addition to the information component, we provide free estimate and view in London and surrounding areas for more individual approach.

As simple as that, to recoat the floor means applying of fresh coat of finish to your wood flooring. In difference to refinishing itself, when recoating the original finish is not removed and sanded. Floor recoating is the real finishing touch and the twist, which could add completely new look and feel to your flooring without the heavy duty part. When you recoat, you can completely change the color, texture and effect of your flooring, or simply to renew the old finish. There are several reasons to book with us for recoating procedure for both domestic and commercial projects. With time, your fresh new and pretty flooring will get a bit or more worn, dull and unattractive, even if you take care daily. No matter your cleaning routine, even fine dust can scratch the surface of the floor. In addition, you have pet's nails, high heel scratches and even bigger damages like from furniture you have moved, after flooring repair and repairs in general, after painting your walls, etc. In that case, you want to consider floor recoating, since it will bring back to life damaged and scratched timber or planks.

Our expert team offers the real deal for London area, because our floor recoating service is financial friendly and definitely not time consuming. But high quality first! Before starting, we can diagnose the prior coat layer, being wax or polyurethane, for sure, because if you attempt to recoat with different type of finish, it may not adhere to wood properly. Right after, a fine sanding is needed. In this case, sanding is more like a buffing the surface, because we won't go down all the way to the bare wood. When the smooth and even surface is ready for the new coat, we will clean out any dust and dirt after buffing and use mineral spirits for best results, since other products may result in the finish. In case you desire the prior finish like, we will find the perfect match and high quality product on London market.

Wood floor recoating is applying a new coat of polyurethane finish to the surface, but can any hardwood be recoated? The answer is no. Some floors are in really bad condition, including gaps and deeper scratches, which destroy not only the finishing coat, but also penetrate to the bare wood. In that case you may consider wood floor sanding first.

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