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Wood Floor Cleaning in London

Wood floor cleaning in London

Wood floor cleaning is part of my job as I work for Flooring Services London for a few years now. For so many years I've seen so many destroyed floors in London area due to wrong wood floor cleaning and maintenance routines, if only they could cry out their stories! Well, crying is not a good idea, because floors with a lacquer or varnish finish or unfinished floors don’t take water very well. These kind of finishes are not water-resistant so wet mopping is a big no-no when it comes to a wood floor cleaning routine! Can you see how important is to know what kind of finish your floor has for a proper wood floor cleaning? If you need expert advice and further maintenance and professional wood floor cleaning service in London area, contact us and we will help you with high-quality wood floor cleaning.

Why Choose Our Team for Wood Floor Cleaning?

Let me tell you, I love my job and I love helping people with wood floor cleaning. Being a professional in the wood floor cleaning field can be a curse sometimes because I see wood floor cleaning issues everywhere. I guess this is the price of being well-trained wood floor cleaning specialist and a hard-worker. You can't imagine how many people can't deal properly with wood floor cleaning nowadays and I can tell why. With such a variety of information about wood floor cleaning online, so many wood floor cleaning products on the market, all that can easily confuse and overwhelm you. And that is what our job in London consists of – we are providing in-depth, expert information for best results of wood floor cleaning along with the accurate maintenance and wood floor cleaning services. Here are five common mistakes and misconceptions about wood floor cleaning and how to solve them and change your entire wood floor cleaning routine for good.

Most Common Mistakes of Your Wood Floor Cleaning Routine

Monday morning. The neighbour above my apartment has a surface-sealed floor and just finished painting their walls. Someone told them they can remove the paint stains from the floor's surface with the help of vinegar. This method of wood floor cleaning is very popular, but also can easily destroy the flooring finish and not recommended for wood floor cleaning. Another wood’s enemy is water, so instead of using a soaking wet mop and an excessive amount of water while wood floor cleaning, you should definitely choose a slightly damp mop. I don't recommend using oils or furniture sprays as part of your wood floor cleaning routine, because they make the floor’s surface slippery like an ice-skating rink and make re-coating of the floor more complex and challenging. All wood floor cleaning products that are designed for that very specific purpose have a neutral pH that is gentle enough to the floor’s finish, so always check the shelves of your local supermarket for wood floor cleaning products created to attack the stubborn stains and dirt build-ups, but ensuring protection and preservation of bare wood and all sorts of wood floor finishes.

Tuesday afternoon. It's time for my London neighbours under for some wood floor cleaning. They have a floor with a lacquer finish (penetrating-seal floor). Everyday wood floor cleaning consists of vacuuming only since mopping isn't recommended on an everyday basis for the typical domestic hardwood floor. For additional maintenance better use liquid or paste wax designed for wood floors in order to bring back their lustre and give them a fresher, well-maintained look. However, they can leave a thin coat on the surface that will build up with time, but we can remove old wax build-up easily with the help of professional wood floor cleaning equipment and the right set of skills. This is why professional wood floor cleaning is always highly recommended.

Friday morning. There was a party last night at my neighbours from the left. I am pretty sure there are a lot of already dry stains from beverage and food spills on the floor’s surface and an in-depth wood floor cleaning is imperative this morning. Spills and stains have to be removed immediately since they are hard to get rid of once dry. For better results, you should wipe them off with a damp cloth as soon as you notice the stain. This is some basic wood floor cleaning and care for wood.

Saturday evening. Neighbours right to my apartment just have waived goodbye their guests. Well, high heel marks won't wipe off that easily. They need a small amount of wax to treat the scratched areas. Don't forget that dry wood cleaning in wintertime can cause scratches to crack, because the wood shrinks in this period of the year due to heating.

Here are just a few examples of how wood floors can experience wear and tear and a number of other imperfections on an everyday basis. Along with sharing that, I’ve provided some basic wood floor cleaning tips. Everyday wood floor cleaning routine is important. In case you need a more in-depth, professional wood floor cleaning service, don’t hesitate to contact our company - 020 70360625.

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