Durability of wood flooring depends on a wide range of factors. It starts with the kind of flooring you have, solid wood timber here is easier to damage than manufactured types of wood flooring. Then comes the type of wood itself – pine and poplar are fine types for example. We shouldn't underestimate the protective layer itself, since it can increase the solidness many times, if done properly. Method of installation plays big role also – floating floors are durable, but can dislocate easier than nailed or glued planks. There are so many reasons for a gap to show up, but our experts manage to fix it quick and reliably simply by gap filling, so contact us for London area.

Flooring Services London has rich experience in wood floor maintenance and repair in London, which includes gap filling. There are several methods to fill the gaps between the planks, caused by worn, humidity, sliding of protective layer, etc. Most common ones are gap filling with resin mixed with saw dust or wood strips filling (slivers).

Filling with mixture of dust and resin is not only effective and reliable method, but also super convenient, since right after wood floor sanding there is enough dust the same origin as the starting material. We use modern equipment for London based projects with dust bags, which collect coarse and fine dust. The ready mixture has the same color as flooring itself and thick. Putty is applied with spatula by hand. This method is suitable for parquetry and floor boards where the gap is less than 5 mm wide. The filling mixture dries quickly and creates smooth and even surface for more resistance and stability and for next layers to be applied.

The cons of this method of gap filling is, that it's suitable mainly for flooring, installed solid by nailing or gluing over solid base, such as parquet or lock joint floorboards. Otherwise, used on non-grooved floors, which can be more mobile or dislocated because of weak, destroyed or over-sanded boards, resin and dust filling can displace. To ensure best results, our team uses only high quality resin and provides free estimate in London and repair services before gap filling.

Now, if you don't own solid flooring you probably wonder what other options are? Wood strips filling is other option for gap filling we offer in London for floorboards. Wood strips filling consist of cutting strips of wood and gluing them in the gap, which means it is suitable for bigger-sized gaps also. It's safe option for gap filling and creates high stability, because the wood strips sit on the joists and can't slip or unfix.

Gap filling have to preceded floor sanding, because the sanding will make the whole surface smooth and make inconspicuous potential difference in color and grain texture. We offer free estimate in London area so we'll have a look at the condition of your flooring and suggest repair if needed. Contact us on 0800 0434359 or 020 88309782.