Flooring Services London is known for its professional and high quality services in London, including solid wood floor repair. Because of the wide variety of types of wood used for flooring and type of flooring installation, repair misunderstandings are possible, so instead having the risk of DIY project or hiring amateurs with poor experience in wood floor repair, contact us for London residential and commercial projects, including schools, gym halls, restaurant, and hotels, etc. Solid wood floor requires simple maintenance and pays back with lifetime value, thanks to its durability and sturdiness, but when it comes to repair service, there are certain specifies bond with real-wood character.

Solid wood flooring gives your home this specific sense of warmth, natural beauty and richness. The flooring mass market nowadays often neglect the beauty of real wood and offers FMCG sector products and materials as an analog of confection stores. They may be affordable and they often have many benefits to offer, but with London's traditions in architecture and interior design, it's a shame to not enjoy the uniqueness of natural and organic wood timber. We are ready to share with you further information for solid floors maintenance and provide the best repair services in London to ensure your long and happy cohabitation with the solid wood flooring.

In general, the individual approach to every single solid wood timber is essential, because solid wood floors remind us of snowflakes – every one of them has its uniqueness and they can't be fabricated to look alike. In that sense, the repairs can be seen as a type of art – to bring back to life damaged timber and to save visual harmony and the traces of history in the same time.

There are a lot of reasons for your flooring to lose its previous glory. Flooring Services London would check every single detail to find the real troublemaker. We check the condition of the underlying and the finish that protects it. Does your flooring really need dramatic change or it needs to be only slightly re-finished? We can refinish solid wood surface to safe its genuine beauty or create new textures, colors and patterns.

The everyday causers of solid wood damages are dirt and grit, water and other spills, hard cleaners, furniture, dents, and sun. They cause mostly not that serious damages and we will help you to solve them and provide further information for proper maintenance. If your problem is more serious than that, our experts will save your solid wood investment thanks to successful and time-proven repair system and high-quality equipment we offer in the area.

If you have installed your solid flooring a couple of years ago and it already looks dull and old, the problem can be found in the finishing top layer. When finishing top layer wears off quickly, the bare surface of real wood can be damaged super easy. Are there stains, burns, cuts, gouges, holes, cracks or warped boards? You definitely need our expert services, so we provide free estimate in London area for closer look.