Solid wood floors have this unique rustic feel with mild curves squared by the most successful interior designer ever – Mother Nature and we can understand why you love them so much. Although it may look pretty self-explained and organic material, it needs modifications and care even after installation. This includes periodic resurfacing and finishing, observing the recommended amount of interventions per year. Professional solid wood floor sanding is considered an in-depth maintenance routine that improves the wooden floor visually and in terms of its overall condition, stability and durability. Flooring Services London is your hard working team solution in London and we are glad to provide you upkeep with the manner of experts.

Solid wood installations are not just beauty and sign of a personal style because of the wide variety of finishes, colors and materials used. No matter if you prefer oak, maple, hickory or ash, or you bet on something exotic, solid floors are a great investment for years, because of their long life. If you inherit them from previous owner, it will cost you less to keep them in good condition, because they need only renovation. If it's time for some refresh and your floor need some sanding, count on us for all London areas. The professional solid wood floor sanding services we deliver to our clients are recognised for their high-quality, attention to detail and always tailored approach. We believe in the universal methods of solid wood floor sanding, but we are also always open to innovations and incorporating them in our work as well as keeping in account the fact that every project and every solid wood floor is different and may require different treatment.

Solid hardwood flooring is made of a single piece of timber, that has tongue-and-groove installation system and dried before sawing. Because of the natural character of wood, it can absorb moisture and buckle and that is a big problem with London's climate. Whereas, when installed properly (keep in mind it can't be glued on a surface because of the risk of cracking), the solid wood planks are extra durable and sturdy. In case distressed wood design is not the style you want, you can minimise the risk of more serious damages with the help of a floor sanding service. Solid wood floor sanding is a great way to not only improve the condition of the floor even after long years of everyday use but also decrease the risk of minor imperfections growing into major issues by simply removing them from the surface of the floor.

Flooring Services London reveals step-by-step guide for the restoration of the solid wood planks. We provide it for your informed choice and why to count on our team for domestic and commercial projects all around London. Find out more about the professional solid wood floor sanding services we provide to our clients and how they can achieve outstanding results for your flooring that will last for many years.

  • We will create clean area and remove furniture and doors for extra care. Our equipment is almost completely dust-free, but we won't take the risk.
  • We will test on a sample area that remains hidden most of the time.
  • Our modern machines will remove all of the old seal and we will level the floor, creating smooth surface for next steps.
  • We will remove scratches, even finest one.
  • We use extra modern buffer, that will leave the floor smooth and prepare it for priming.
  • We will add high quality primer base for preparing top wooden layer for the protective layer (oil, wax or lacquer) and then run the buffer machine over once again for smoothen grainy texture, then vacuum.
  • We will apply the finishing layer (for example, lacquer) as many layers as needed. You can choose from different finishes, shades, effects.

And… voila! Our experienced and skilful solid wood floor sanding specialists have done their magic and you now have a floor that looks as beautiful and shiny as if has been just installed. The only thing that you have to do is to try keep your floors clean after our floor sanding service and enjoy. Once you finish properly your wood floor it can last over 20 years when treated with care and attention. At least, if you're not satisfied with the look of your floors sooner, call our customer support on 020 70360625 for a free price estimate in London.