It may sound like a strange statement, but floor polishing is an essential part of our lives. What really adds value to your home are the traces of everyday life, the marks of decades and generations living there, a morning routine that leaves traces of life and its own, unique story in one’s house. Isn't this what makes a home more special and cosy compared to the picture-perfect interior designs we see on the covers of magazines? Well, your home is like a gemstone you get as a gift from previous generations and you love it with all its marks and traces of everyday use from the previous owner, all its unique characteristics and history. It is a tradition with Greater London origins. However, gemstones and diamonds have to be polished to make them look shiny-new without losing their genuine beauty. The same goes for your home’s wood floors. According to experts, floor polishing is recommended for maintaining your wood floors every two to four months and not only for aesthetic purposes. Floor polishing is essential for protecting bare wood and the floor finish from potential damages, imperfections, and over-cleaning, for removing the fine scratches, dents, and marks. Floor polishing is a professional treatment with a lot of advantages. Floor polishing is beneficial for the wood’s surface and guarantees impressive results with almost no efforts and hassle. In fact, a professional floor polishing company can us can deliver a high-quality floor polishing service in a prompt and convenient manner and with outstanding floor polishing results guaranteed.

Why Choose Our Floor Polishing Service?

We at Flooring Services London never fail to provide essential information about wood floor polishing, maintenance, and professional services to our clients. We often enjoy saying that every single floorboard is unique and requires a unique approach and floor polishing is part of our tailored approach to each project, be it a simple floor polishing one or a more in-depth restoration one. Floor polishing is recommended for wood floors finished with a polyurethane finish. Oiled or waxed floors will require other refinishing services and products instead of floor polishing, but once again, it is pretty specific to a floor and we can offer our recommendations after an in-depth inspection of your floor, so make sure to book a free inspection in London area now on 020 88309782. While floor polishing is beneficial for floors with a waterproof barrier-type of finish such as urethane, using the wrong products and performing floor polishing for floors that don’t require such treatment can cause a host of problems like dulling the finish and making the surface slick and slippery to name just a couple of them. Therefore, floor polishing is recommended and performed only by floor polishing experts with enough knowledge and experience at the floor polishing and maintenance field.

What to Expect from Our Floor Polishing Service?

We always start a floor polishing project with accurate preparation of the floor. Our floor polishing team will come on the scheduled day and time to remove heavy furniture out of the room, offer a deep cleaning of the floor, and prepare the surface for floor polishing. Next, the experts will continue with floor polishing, always using premium quality floor polishing products from leading floor polishing product designers and providers on the market. Starting from the back corner of the room, the floor polishing experts will make their way in little sections, step-by-step, so they can ensure an even and uniform application and outstanding floor polishing results. Overall, floor polishing is a professional treatment that won’t take too much time. Floor polishing is pretty time-saving and absolutely hassle-free, it will be finished within a day depending on the scale of the project and next the floor will be ready to be used after a short overnight wait.

Think about all the wear and tear your wood floor get on an everyday basis, shifting furniture, high heels, children’s toys, spills and splashes, high traffic, pet’s nails to name just a few common. Although the fact that wood floors are made to last for decades, their finish can easily get scratched, stained, destroyed. Refinishing is a popular solution, however, it can be expensive, involves sanding, takes longer, and is only necessary every couple of decades. Here is why floor polishing is a great alternative. With the help of a floor polishing product and even application, your floors will easily regain beauty, shine, even out all surface imperfections, extend the long-lasting and hard-wearing power of the floor. Floor polishing is a very beneficial service despite how easy and fast floor polishing is. If you want to treat your floors good with a professional floor polishing service, make sure to contact our professional team.