We believe that a good building must be capable of absorbing the traces of human life. What really adds value to your home are the signs of everyday life, the marks of decades and generations, morning routine, which leaves signs of life in one house. Isn't this what makes the home more special than all those always ready for the perfect picture interior designs we see in magazines? Well, your home is like a gemstone you get from your grandmother and you love it with all its signs of use from previous owner. It is tradition with Greater London origins. However, gemstones and diamonds need to be polished from time to time to make them look shiny new without losing their genuine beauty. The same goes with your home floors. According to experts, polishing is good for your floors every two to four months not only for aesthetic purposes, but also to protect the wood and the finish from future damage and over-cleaning and to fill the fine scratches.

We at Flooring Services London never get bored to provide essential information. As we love to say, every single wood floor plank or block is unique and needs unique approach. For example, wood floor polishing is best for polyurethane finished floors (you know them by the glossy finish). Oiled or lacquered floors may need waxing instead wood floor polishing, but once again – it is pretty individual and we can decide for sure after closer look to your floors, so book a free view in London area now on 0800 0434359 or 020 88309782.

Before starting with the polishing service we provide some preparation of the floor itself. Our cleaning service workers will remove all the furniture, without scratching the floor, vacuum the floor and depending on the type of the finish, we will clean your floor the proper way to prepare it for upcoming polishing. Polyurethane floors can be cleaned with damp mop in difference to lacquered, when water is their biggest enemy. Then we will buff the floor and now it is ready to be polished.

Polishing should be applied from the interior corner out to the center of the room for best results and even application. We aim perfection and never polish to big areas at one, but do that in little portions. That way we can pay attention to every single detail. For best result, we advise you to wait till the floor polish is completely dry and then you can bring the furniture back.

For our floor polishing service we count on the best polishing products on London market. They have to blend with really fast dry time and without creating build-up. The goal is to create extremely glossy and pretty finish and to fill microscratches, creating smooth, even and durable protected surface. Polishing is needed often for best results and totally worth it!