At Flooring Services London, restoring the beauty of your floors is our specialty. For over a decade, we have provided expert floor polishing services to homes and offices across Greater London. Our experienced technicians have worked on thousands of hardwood, laminate, and engineered wood floors, mastering techniques to reveal stunning, like-new shine. We stay current on the latest innovations in floor polishing equipment and abrasives. Our entire team participates in ongoing training and education to deliver the highest quality results on every job. We take great pride in having honed our floor renewal craft, fine-tuning processes to balance efficiency and precision polishing tailored to your floors. Whether you have modern engineered planks or historic solid oak, our knowledgeable professionals know how to bring out each floor's unique character and lustre. Trust your floors only to London's most trusted polishing experts!

Our Step-by-Step Polishing Process

  • Prep Work - We begin by completely clearing furniture and rugs from the workspace and thoroughly cleaning floors. Tack cloths are used to remove all dust and debris that may interfere with polishing.
  • Abrasion - Using weighted orbital floor buffers, we smooth over minor scratches, abrasions, and uneven spots in the flooring. The buffers remove a thin top layer to reveal a fresh surface.
  • Polishing - Our technicians apply diamond polishing pads starting from coarse to fine grits, working in sections to create an even, consistent sheen.
  • Sealing - To protect the renewed finish, we apply professional-grade water-based polyurethane sealers compatible with your flooring.
  • Clean Up - Our meticulous clean up includes dust containment systems to keep your home spotless. All furniture is replaced in its original position once floors have cured.

Experience a Floor Transformation

Unlike sanding and refinishing, our gentle floor polishing process removes fine scratches and blemishes without stripping floors down to bare wood. You'll be amazed at the revival of gloss and colour. Polishing every 2-4 months keeps floors looking pristine and minimises the need for full refinishing. With our expertise, polishing takes just 1-2 days and floors can be walked on almost immediately. Contact us at 020 70360625 for a free in-home estimate and see how we can restore your floors affordably. We service all of Greater London and guarantee your satisfaction.