You can't escape from hardwood floor scratches, even if you are extra careful. When time goes by, the protective layer of your wooden flooring wears off and creates bare wood surface, which is easy to be damaged, especially for high traffic areas. Playful dogs, high heels, children – scratch causers can be many and different. There are also some major scratches, which can be just the start of bigger and serious issues with flooring, including loose and unfixed planks, cracks, etc., especially when your hardwood flooring is exposed to sun and high temperature amplitudes for years, which cause thinning wood. Flooring Services London offers the best floor scratch repair service in London and surrounding areas, which can delete all sizes of scratches and save your wood floors.

There are many reasons, which can provoke you to contact us to repair the scratches on your wooden floor. Starting with major scratches after moving furniture or other heavy objects and continue with scratches by small pieces and stones of dirt, which people track into your house or office room. We will eliminate every single scratch from your flooring to create not only beautiful, but also durable and long lasting finish. In addition, we provide free information on how to maintenance and clean your hardwood flooring to keep the finish layer for longer for best results.

Before the scratch repair itself starts, we inspect the scratched area to diagnose how deep the scratches are. Sometimes scratches are only on the surface and the finishing layer manages to protect wood itself. Damage to a wood flooring, which is deeper and larger than surface scratch is called gouge. A gouge may require replacing the damaged plank. Since this is very precise and specific job, you definitely want to hire professionals. We will help you in London and surrounding areas with floor scratch repair service, no matter if you have major or minor flooring issues.

After identifying the specifies of the scratched area, our service next step is to clean the damaged area with warm water and mineral spirits. There are a lot of DIY projects around Internet, teaching you how to conceal the scratch with permanent marker, stain marker or simply stain, but we at Flooring Services London don't advise you to do so. First of all, you want your flooring diagnosed from professionals, since single scratch can cause bigger issues you are not prepared for. Treated by expert floor scratch team, your flooring won't only look beautiful, but also with a new protective layer it would get scratch resistant for longer and more durable. Keep in mind, our experts don't mask the problem, they solve it and provide floor scratch repair best results in London!

Minor scratches we repair by hand, using fine sand paper. This is very precise job, that needs extra attention. After local sanding, we apply matching stain and protective layer and you won't be able to tell any difference with the surrounding area! Majorly scratched areas require whole flooring sanding and staining and sometimes even replacing of damaged boards. Contact us on 020 70360625 for further information.