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Exploring Unique and Intriguing Wood Floor Designs

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How to have a very different wooden floor | Flooring Services London

It is hard to imagine that even after this whole great variety of designs, patterns, colours, finishes and textures wooden floors are offered on the market and can be made to look like, some people still come up with fresh and different design ideas. And today we are going to share three really eye-catching and… let’s be honest – crazy and breath-taking ideas that you are most probably not going to have installed at your home, like never, but they are definitely a great inspiration and some food for the eyes and the mind!

Painting a rug on your hardwood floor

Why would you need a rug painted on your hardwood floor, when you can simply go out and buy a real rug for… well, for definitely a fragment of the price? It is hard to tell, we guess that old-school rugs are just way too mainstream and boring. So, back to the painted rugs – painting wooden floors is definitely not a new thing, however back in the day it was all about painting the entire floor. Nowadays, modern design and creativity allow us more freedom in terms of staining and painting as well as modern technologies to help us. As much as we would like to have a special device or machine to do anything from traditional to art, wood floor paintings actually require a skilled talent and maybe even more than that. Just as with any painting, but especially when it comes to a painting on a few-hundreds-pounds canvas, attention to detail and a lot of skills are required too. However, it is all worth it, if you want to make a really bold statement and use your floor not simply as a tranquil and matching backdrop, but as a real focal point. It is the end of the accents because it is all about creativity and statement appearance!

3D painter hardwoods

And if the previous idea is too sassy and funky for you, then this next one is definitely in the sci-fi group. 3D art paintings won the internet for the past few years, but it was all about street art. However, these amazing and really realistic paintings crossed the limits of the streets and today can be found at home too and directly painted onto the wooden surface of the domestic flooring. Crazy and cool? Yes, for sure! Practical and something to get quickly used to? No, definitely not, but just imagine all the Instagram masterpieces… well, it would be so cool!

Wood puzzle hardwoods

Some people are just yet trying to get used to the different wooden block sizes and colours trend, and puzzle wood floors are already here! This concept is the third one we share with you today that is most definitely going to trigger the “wow” response! Basically, the idea is nothing really that new and exciting on the market, because, after all, isn’t parquet just a type of puzzle that has even more complex construction and layout? However, puzzle floors are most definitely not going to take the place of the oldie but goldie parquet flooring anytime soon… or maybe this is not true?!