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Where to Install Wood Flooring in Your Home

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Installing a wooden flooring | Flooring Services London

In some of our previous articles we have already mentioned that every type of wood flooring comes with a few installation opportunities and can be installed in different places. For maximum success, when buying wood flooring you have to understand the specific features of every wood specie the floor is made from and where is the best place to fit them. We know that every project comes with its individual requirements, so be sure to ask the professionals for more information. However, here is a short and helpful guide for you, which you can keep in mind when planning.


Hallway is this one spot of your home or working space, which will experience the heavy footfall, high traffic and everyday use the most. Leading from one spot to another, hallways often are the first to show wear and tear and some imperfections. For that reason, you have to be sure that you choose a very hard-wearing type of wooden flooring, which will survive the test of time and some everyday use extremes. In case you plan the installation of underfloor heating, engineered wood floor is your best option, because it works pretty well with the heating system, keeping your feet toasty and also can survive to the temperature extremes, unlike solid wood timbers. However, if you don’t plan an additional heating system, solid wood floor will be a good choice also, because it is hard-wearing.

Lounges and living rooms

When it comes to the lounges, they are definitely not known for experiencing way too much high traffic and everyday use. In this case, you have to opportunity to delight your imagination and creativity, without worrying about the longevity and durability of the floor. With so many choices on the market, you are able to select every colour, texture and grain, which will match your furniture and decoration and suit your style. In addition, every wooden floor can be treated and transformed into the desired look. One thing you can keep in mind, however, ae the dimensions of the room. Choose light, airy and pale shades for smaller rooms to make them appear spacious.

Dining rooms

The focal point and most used furniture piece of every dining room – the table. Think tables and chairs and constant moving and relocating them – you are going to need a pretty solid floor, right? The best thing is that you can buy either solid wood or engineered floor and ask the local specialists for a hard-wearing finish to protect the surface of the wood from scratches.


The kitchen is the land of humidity and temperature extremes. Think moisture, think water, think spills and food stains and forget about solid wood floors. Since moisture is amongst the greatest enemies of hardwood floors, installing an engineered wood one is definitely the better idea. Humidity and temperature do have not the same impact on engineered wood, which is made to experience them pretty well.


The temperature and interior humidity amplitudes in your bathroom are nothing to neglect. Still, you can enjoy the natural beauty of wood in your bathroom. Select engineered wood planks to match your taste and you can rest calm and forget about issues.