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Insights into 2016's Wood Flooring Statistics

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Hardwood statistics that will impress you | Flooring Services London

If you are a true hardwood flooring fan, then you will think about wood flooring all day and all night… Well, not really, but still, we guess that many of the readers of our blog might be interested in a few exciting hardwood flooring statistics that we came across in 2016. Since January there have been a few reports released revealing some interesting information and facts related to hardwood flooring as well as throwing some more lights for further discussions on the subject. Since the end of the year is almost here, we have decided to gather all the information in one article and provide all readers with an interesting insight into what most of the homeowners prefer and which are the most current trends in the wood flooring world for the past year as well as for the next few years.

According to a report article that is published in the Magazine of the National Wood Flooring Association, the sales of hardwood flooring is still rising significantly for the past year. Since the big come back of hardwood flooring a few decades ago, wood is surely topping the ratings for popularity amongst the clients each year and this year is not an exception, since distributors and suppliers are registering a 66% increase in the dollar value of sales occurred in 2015, while the situation in Europe reveals the same height. We can surely say the hardwood flooring sales are on a sturdy climb and we are sure that the tendency is going to remain the same for the next years.

Are you interested in which are the highest purchased wood species and what other clients prefer the most? The same report mentioned above reveals the fact that 33% of the hardwood flooring sales comes from white oak species only! What an impressive result, isn’t it? We guess that all the time we have talked about the cult to white oak species we were pretty much reflecting the reality! What is even more impressive is that another 32% of the sales are coming from the purchase of… wait for it… red oak, that is right! Oak continues to hold its dominant position in 2016 too, and is a common choice for many households and businesses.

Once you know which wood species do you need in order to be totally in fashion, the last thing you need to find out is what the most preferred finish for the past year is. As you know, hardwood floors can be treated with a few differences in order a few different effects to be achieved and as it seems, 49% of the hardwood flooring owners are definitely betting on water-based finishes, while 35% remain fans of the recently getting more and more popular oil-modified finishes.

Solid wood vs engineered wood, we get the feeling that this battle is never going to an end, since there are a lot of fans for both sides, however, the recent reports reveal that 62% of the year’s sales come from solid wood, while 38% are getting into engineered wood just now. The tendency is, however, the engineered wood’s number to continue growing, considering the fact that engineered wood is continuing to gain more and more popularity as a less prone to damages version of solid wood.