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The Best Flooring Colors for Any Room

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Selecting the best flooring color | Flooring Services London

With such a great variety of hardwood flooring colors on the market, it is sometimes hard and quite difficult for the people to decide which exactly to choose for their own home. Some people rely on the fashionable vision of the home, so they are willing to choose the most extravagant colors of flooring, some tend to choose the traditional colors and shades, but still there are some advices that people have to consider before they make the choice of their wood flooring color:

  • The size of the room, its height, the main colors defined by the walls, furniture, curtains, etc.
  • The type of the room – if it is a darker one, without a lot of sunlight, maybe the better choice would be a light color flooring, so that it would create the illusion of a bigger and brighter room, on the other side the darker floor is more suitable for bigger areas, and it gives a dramatic, elegant look of the room.
  • The traditional brown colors of flooring are suitable for almost every apartment or house and complement with almost every style of furnishing. They are suitable for achieving more classical view, and also bring coziness to the room.
  • The more untraditional colors like for example red or orange can be easily combined with a more contemporary interior design. They are suitable for those, searching for challenges in the interior design, more contemporary and untraditional look. In any case, these colors will definitely be the main accent of the room.

An important part of the selection of wood flooring is the sampling. In order to select the best floor color for a certain room, simply take a little part from the cupboard or a sample of the wall paint, when you go to the shop. This should be done, in order to compare the color samples from your home with the color of the flooring in the shop. Then the choice could be made easier.

Another variant is using samples of different flooring colors from the shop and taking them home, so that you can select which one will be the most appropriate. But the numbers of the samples should be 2 or 3, because if you take more, you might get really confused. You should try to put the samples next to the furniture in the room. The idea is to have a look how they will look next to your present furniture. If you want to assure yourself that you have made the right choice, try to place the sample in artificial and natural light, after one day again, so you can see how it is going to look like under different circumstances. That is how you will assure yourself you had made the correct choice.

If you need more tips about the wood flooring color, contact the Flooring Services London. We offer free samples that you may use.