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Exploring Wood Floor Edging Styles

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What is wood floor edging? | Flooring Services London

We understand that not many people are aware of the fact that the edges of the wood floor boards are not all the same. For good, or for bad, when it comes to wood flooring there is not only a fascinating variety of wood species, textures, installation systems, colours and more to choose from but also a number of edges to take into account. Of course, a big reason for this variety of choices is made in order to attract more clients and it is pretty much a marketing trick in its heart, however, diversity is also very important in order to make the best choice, when purchasing a wood floor for your project. Do you believe that all wood floor materials are suitable particularly for any environment? Well, you are wrong if you think so and wood floor edging styles also play a vital role in the whole project.

The edges your wooden boards come with will make a difference to the final look of your overall floor and because of that, they have to be taken into account when going for a certain and highly desired look. So, it is worth spending some time researching and understanding what the different terms mean and which option will suit you the best.

Square edge wood flooring

Square-edged wood planks are cut at 90 degrees and left that way, without the edges being treated further. Because of the fact that these planks are cut with attention to every detail and when fitted they add a highly uniform and sleek look to the floor, this option tends to be more expensive than the others. However, square-edged flooring boards really are worth the investment, because they look stunning when installed, a bit more high-end than the other alternatives. However, installing boards with square edges on a DIY basis is maybe not the best idea because of the risk of damaging the edges, so be sure to ask the wood floor installation professionals for help.

Beveled edge wood flooring

This flooring features a bevel on the edge of the boards. Unlike square-edged wooden boards, the production of bevelled-edge wooden boards doesn’t require that much caution and the level of precision is not that high in this case. This option is also easier to be installed since it allows much more errors during the process of fitting. In addition, this option is easier to maintain and the risk of imperfections caused by dirt and grime is reduced.

Micro-beveled edge wood flooring

It is a type of flooring, in which edges are cut in the shape of a small “V”. This edge defines the start and the end of each board. The overall look of the installed micro-bevelled edge wood flooring is uniform and smooth, although a slight definition is noticeable across the floor at each board side.