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Pros and Cons of Installing White vs. Red Oak Floors

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Choosing oak wood flooring – why? | Flooring Services London

For centuries oak has been and still is one of the most preferred wood species for flooring. It is because of its natural beauty and amazing grades and attractive grain, also because of its durability and solidness and very rich colour contrast. Oakwood is what makes the house a home, because of its warm undertones and beautiful shades creating a cosy and very homey atmosphere.

In fact, oak is a very popular choice not only because of its look but also because of its solidness and sturdiness. There are over 600 oak species all around the world and each and everyone out of them is acclimatised to a different environment, temperatures and humidity, which means that oak can easily adapt to every interior environment also and not suffer issues. For many years oak wood species used to be manufactured for many different reasons, even for building ships, because of its long-lasting power and strength. However, for manufacturing wooden floors there are only a few exclusive oak wood species used, because of the perfect combination of classic and timeless look, durability and ease to work with the character.

Today we are going to have a more in-depth look at the top three popular oak wood species used for manufacturing solid wood and engineered wood floors. It is important to mention that both solid wood and engineered wood floors are often made out of oak because both wood flooring types are made to be very hard-wearing and resistant and suitable for different interior environments and impacts.

Red oak is an amazing choice if you want something more unique-looking and classy and tranquil at the same time. While the grades of red oak are pretty simple with a sleek and clean texture and not a big amount of knots and swirl, its colour is very beautiful and interesting, light to medium reddish-brown with a low amount of colour variation. The warm undertones of red oak are a good choice for traditional and elegant styles.

White oak is an amazing option and can be a focal point of every room, or the perfect backdrop for bold furniture pieces and decoration, because of its specific tranquil and clean shades of white, cream and light brown. White oak is also a good investment for smaller rooms because the ale shades will make them appear bigger and more spacious. White oak is slightly harder than Red oak, making it a more common choice.

Sessile oak is categorised in the white oak group of wood species. Known also as European oak, this wood species is even harder than the previously mentioned, mostly because it takes longer for the trees to grow up older. Sessile oak has a specific and very unique yellowish shade, which also is recommended for smaller spaces to make them appear more spacious.