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Choosing the Safest, Most Durable Kids' Bedroom Flooring

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Flooring that fits best your child's room | Flooring Services London

What will be your choice of flooring for the kids’ bedroom? This is the place in your home where a lot happens - activity and mischief go hand in hand. Every part of the room is subject to harm and damage – even the ceiling. The scratches on the flooring appear mainly after playing with toys, and the dirt comes from games with paints, pens, pencils, etc. This room in your home is the playground of your child and you have to select something reliable in time and can endure the consequences of his or her game.

And when we are talking about the flooring in this room, it has to respond to certain criteria. At first, it has to be resistant to scratches and damage. It has to be hygienic, comfortable, and last but not least – easy to clean and maintain. The most popular choices of flooring for a child’s room are wooden and laminate flooring and the reasons for this are:


Both kinds of flooring can be cleaned fast, but the cleaning of the laminate is much easier. You can also use the vacuum cleaner to take the dust away. You should be careful with the vacuuming, though, because you may cause scratches on the flooring when you use a hard bristle. Sometimes you can even clean with a mop that is not very damp or just sweep the flooring.


Hygiene is very important for your child’s room. The advantage of the wooden and laminate flooring is that they do not hold garbage, bacteria, dust, hair and skin. You can clean the floor daily and you can be sure that the child is playing in a safe and clean room.


The risks from damage to the floor are really big when it comes to children. There is always something thrown, something broken, and you can not really afford to replace or change the floor whenever there are spills and damages.

The laminate flooring and the engineered wood flooring can be resistant to damage and scratches. When you have to make the final selection for floor installation, take into account the properties of the different floorings before the final purchase.

Long lasting

The wooden flooring will be durable for a long period of time and as we know, it is always modern and contemporary, giving a stylish look to the room. Apart from that, the variety of colours and shades on the market will help you make the best choice for your child’s room. Some shades will perfectly fit will the prevailing colour in the room – pink, blue, cream.

If you have a limited budget and you do not want to spend a fortune on your flooring, then you should choose laminate flooring. It is not only a cheaper variant, but is also durable and scratch-resistant, and its maintenance is easy. You can also choose from the eco variants that are offered on the market.