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Exploring the World of Wood Flooring Textures

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Many people are choosing their new wooden floor by looking for a colour to suit their style, durability, hard-wearing power, price and more. However, one of the greatest things about wood flooring and definitely an aspect you have to keep in mind when buying a new wooden floor is the wood’s texture. Different wood species come with a different texture and, in addition, wood can also be manufactured to look a certain way and have a certain texture. Overall, the texture is what gives the rough and natural beauty of wood and what makes it more special and distinctive than all other materials and options on the market.

Whether you choose solid wood or engineered wood, make sure to choose what your heart desires, because in all cases wood is a natural and highly interesting material that has its specific features, which often come as an advantage. An interesting texture can bring a lot to the room and to your style, so here is your guide to the top most popular and beautiful wood textures:


As you may already know, wooden materials are divided into four main categories, or as these are known – grades. They range from prime, through select and natural, to rustic. The grade of the wooden material is related mainly to its appearance and texture, but not to its quality, so whatever grade you prefer and choose, you need to think of your preferences in terms of style and appearance, not to worry about its quality. Since textures change dramatically from top to bottom of the list, the opinions and preferences are also dramatically polarised, but the good thing is that there is something for everyone out there. Let’s have a prime grade as an example that offers a highly regular colour and texture and there is very little sap, so the overall look is smooth. Definitely a great look for more minimalistic and simple interiors.

Reclaimed wood

What reclaimed wood flooring is, it is either wood boards that have been recovered from an old building or wood boards that have been made to look like old. It is currently a big trend and many people are finding a lot of charm and character in reclaimed wood. The texture of reclaimed wood is often highly irregular and has chips, dents, scratches, scuffs that gives the old, interesting and exciting look of wood. While many people are wondering how can distressed wood actually be a thing, many others are finding a lot of character and charm in it.

Hand scrapped and distressed

Back to the distressed pattern, there is another wood flooring option that offers an interesting and exciting texture and this is the hand-scraped and distressed appearance. Modern-day distressing methods include tumbling in giant machines together with sharp objects and the outcome is a very authentic look of a wooden floor that has been gone through a lot.

Brushed wood

What the brushing method means is opening the pores of the wood’s grain and giving it a regular and very interesting texture. Brushing is commonly combined with oiling for embracing and highlighting the unique texture even more and the end result is a beautiful wooden floor that looks almost untreated, rough and completely natural.