Let’s face it, even the best and most experienced wood flooring installation professional make mistakes sometimes, so what is left for the poor DIY-ers. Life is life and mistakes are part of life. The one best thing we can do is trying to be as informed and knowledgeable as possible before starting a DIY project, especially when it comes to a bit more serious investments like wood flooring and its installation. Installation skills will not happen overnight and you have to be patient and not trying impulse things when starting a project. Do not hesitate to ask the professionals for some help, assistance and advice if you find out that this is not your thing. In addition, we decided to present you this little collection of the most popular and common wood floor DIY installation mistakes and how to prevent them!

Number one general and a very common mistake is not being realistic about your skills, experience and knowledge. We understand that you are a real handyman, we also understand that wood floor installation is, for sure, not rocket science, however it still requires particular skills and knowledge in order to be done perfectly. Be sure you are not overestimating your skills and do not be too proud to ask for advice, recommendation and more information before starting with the project. Still, if you find out that this is not your thing at all, do not feel bad and disappointed for asking for professional help. After all, we have any given day to learn more things and improve our skills with time!

Do you have all the tools needed? Do not underestimate the importance of having all the tools the installation project really requires. And please, do not DIY at such a level of DIY-ing even the tools and trying to work with what you have around the house. This is another common mistake, especially for first-time fitters. Before starting with the project, be sure you have gathered all the needed tools in one place, this is your guarantee that the whole process is going to run smoothly and you are doing things the right way.

For how long do you plan to finish this job? The great result never come in a short time and you have to work yourself up in order to achieve them, so do not think that the job will be finished in no time and do not underestimate how long the installation job will take. Especially if this is your first time fitting a new floor, then be ready that the room will be out of action for at least a couple of days. After all, it is better to work slower but do the things the right way, instead of rushing out and making mistakes.

How do you imagine the final result? Do not imagine it at all! It is a common lie that your newly installed wooden floor will look the exact same way as the photoshopped pictures in the magazines and around the internet. Do not expect the exact same results when you do things yourself. However, you will always have the pleasure of a proud DIY-er!