The wooden flooring, like everything else in the house, will be beautiful and will look good for a long period of time if it is maintained with the specific care it needs. In the articles up to now we gave you advices concerning the maintenance of the wooden flooring, the precautions that have to be taken, in order the risk from scratches and damages to be lowered. But as we use the flooring every day, it is inevitable that it gets worn out in time, and small scratches appear on its surface, which if treated properly, will become almost invisible.

Sometimes the damages can be so tiny that only you will notice them, not your guests. But are you still wanting to repair them, then consider the advices mentioned below:

First, take a look at the scratch and assess whether it is big or not, what had caused it. If you are not able to fix it yourself then you should turn to a professional. This is a better option than to cause bigger damage that can not be repaired afterwards. If you see a little scratch, use a wire wool and gently rub it over it. You should rub it along the pattern in order not to make the scratch look even worse. If there are deeper scratched that you want to make less visible then use some lightweight sandpaper.

After you have used the sandpaper over the scratch, clean the place with a soft cloth, dipped in a proper detergent, in order to remove the dust from the place and after that leave the cloth on the scratch for at least two hours. Next, carefully apply special wooden filler on the damaged place using a knife. Select filler which color is close to your flooring’s color.

After the scratch had been filled with the filler, sand the extra filler away with sandpaper. After that, apply wood finish with color, fitting to the color of your flooring, by using a brush and let it dry for two hours. You can also apply the so called stain markers on the scratch that has appeared on the surface of your wooden flooring. They do wonders on the flooring because they consist of urethane and stain, which have a positive effect on the flooring finish.

You can mix some different colors of this markers, in order to get the color that is almost the same with your flooring. And you also should not be worried if it is different, because usually the wooden flooring consists of many shades of one color. By following the above mentioned advices, you would be able to repair your hardwood flooring by yourself. However, if you are not sure enough that you will manage to do this the best way yourself, then connect to the experts.