The natural wooden flooring, made from exotic trees species is the main choice of the interior designers because of its gorgeous look and the coziness it gives to the room. But it is because of this fact that it is often copied, usually in cheaper variants. When we talk about fake wood floorings, laminate is at the top list.

Those copied types of flooring appear on the market in different sizes, and also in various colors, imitating wood. There are tiles that have a pattern of wood in different colors and hues, the vinyl flooring that is also available on the market has also different shades, and the same is with the laminate. But as there are so many options nowadays of cheap wooden flooring on the market, what would be our reasons for buying a cheaper variant.

We will list some wrong conceptions about the natural wood flooring:

  • The price of the natural wood flooring is much higher – this is not true anymore since there are a lot of manufacturers on the market and they are competing for the best prices. So you may find a cheap variant, in accordance with the budget you have.
  • It is harder to maintain a natural wooden flooring, compared to its fake variants – today there are a lot of detergents and appliances that will make the cleaning easier. You can do this even only with the vacuum cleaner.
  • Engineered and laminate flooring are the same – this is not correct because the engineered flooring is produced from natural wood, and its top layer is from solid wood, and the laminate is just an imitation.

Here is some information about the laminate flooring – it is a relatively new product on the market, compared to the other available types on the market – it was first presented in the 70s. It is composed of five coats, and there are a lot of colors, shades and pattern variants of it, because the fifth layer is actually an image. The layers of the laminate are the following:

  • Before the installment of the laminate you have to put a special insulation on the floor. This underlay will have insulating qualities, will keep the warmth in the room, and also will help you make the surface even. It also has the property to reduce the noise. But although this insulation has such properties, it will not have the advantages the engineered wood has.
  • The second layer is made of resin. This layer makes the laminate resistant to humidity and stable when walking on it.
  • The next layer is fibreboard with high density which is the most important layer of all. This layer provides the durability and resistance of the laminate.
  • Above it, there is an image coat. Although some people think that it is real wood, it is an image, printed from a computer, and it really looks quite natural. So here comes the advantage of the engineered flooring – it is really natural and made from natural wood.
  • After that there is a top layer, that protects the image from scratches and damages.