From solid wood timber to laminate installation, Flooring Services London team of experts can fit any wood flooring you desire at unbeatable prices. We are one of the top flooring services in Brent and we have a rich portfolio and a lot of positive feedback from our clients all around London area. We are specialist not only when it comes to wood floor installation, but also sanding, sealing and staining, repair and maintenance, cleaning. We use only high quality products and modern equipment and provide our services for both residential homes and commercial buildings. Check out the main floor services list below and if you have any questions, you want expert advice or to book a free estimate in Brent, call our customer service or contact an expert through the contact form.

Your floor laying guide in Brent

Our floor laying service is suitable for all types of wood flooring, including engineered, solid and hardwood, floor boards, laminate and parquet. We provide a special offer free estimate in Brent to have a closer look to the subfloor condition. The subfloor has to be completely dry, clean and levelled before the flooring installation for best results. We also can install soundproof underlayment, floor insulation or moisture barrier membrane if you need or desire one of them.

Affordable wood floor sanding in Brent

Just before floor sanding we always do some preparation. For perfect outcome and if needed, depending on your floor condition, we provide gap filling, we hammer down all the popping nail heads and fix all loose planks with high quality wood floor adhesive. Right after we will start with the floor sanding process. We always count on latest fashion equipment and nature friendly and professional products. When the flooring is already sanded, we offer excellent floor staining and sealing service in timely manner and with a great price tag.

Wood floor repair and fixing in Brent

Wood floor repairs may sound to you like an expensive and time consuming services, but they're really not if done by Flooring Services London professional team. We do our job without any hassle, so we offer wood floor repair in commercial building and schools also, where we won't interrupt the working process and we also could work during holidays. For your residential house in Brent we provide hardwood, solid wood, engineered wood, laminate, parquet and staircase repairs. Don't settle on unattractive and not durable and solid flooring, rather contact us!

Preventive wood floor maintenance in Brent

It is surprising how even finest dust and everyday dirt can damage your floor. Pet's nails, high heels and grit scratch the perfect glossy finish of your flooring and cause a quicker wear and tear. Flooring Services London provides expert cleaning information to prevent floor scratch and also deeper floor cleaning for commercial projects. You can count on us for floor waxing, buffing and polishing.

For floor installation plans, newly fitted flooring or old flooring repair and maintenance, contact Flooring Services London on 0800 0434359 or 020 88309782.