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Flooring Services in City of London

Soundproof floor fitting and insulation can improve your life quality significant, so you want to consider them in City of London. Flooring Services London expert team provides high quality job in no time on affordable price. Insulation floor fitting is great investment, because it comes with extra warmth in your house during the colder month and lower heating bills. In addition, underlayment can also improve the durability and sturdiness of your flooring and can be done at once with all types of flooring installation, repair and before sanding.

Domestic and commercial floor sanding in City of London

A sanding project is a good reason to add insulation floor fitting to the “to do” list. Right before sanding, we will install natural and high-quality underlayment, which will not only improve your home heating system but also create a sturdy surface for the upcoming floor sanding. Unlike the sanding process, which works for every type of wood flooring, underlayment installation is specific for real or engineered wood floors, also for nailed, glued or floating flooring, so contact us for further information.

Soundproof floor installation in City of London

You can say goodbye to the neighbours, constantly moving furniture and holding noisy conversations, because after our soundproof floor installation you will probably forget they exist! You can ask for our soundproof service, no matter if you plan solid, engineered, hardwood, laminate, parquet or floor boards fitting. The floor installation requires specific preparation process beforehand, including subfloor levelling and moisture level checking, precise cleaning also, because dust can react with wood floor adhesive and cause loose planks.

Noisy flooring and staircase repair in City of London

Speaking of sounds, which drives you mad, noisy stairs and flooring could be a major issue. When stairs and floors lumber begins to dry out because of reasons such as abrasion, sun damage and high traffic, the wood get squeaky and thinner. You can solve this problem with staircase and hardwood, engineered wood, parquet and laminate floor repair service in City of London.

The still floor maintenance in City of London

Well, cleaning and maintenance can be really noisy and that will be a problem for commercial and school flooring projects. We provide soundless floor cleaning, waxing, polishing and stripping without a hassle!

You can count on Flooring Services London expert team for A to Z wood floor repair and maintenance service. Contact our customer service on 020 70360625 or and book your free estimate in City of London now!

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