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Floor fitting could be really time and money consuming process if it is not done the proper way. If the subfloor is not prepared, if it's damp and uneven, that causes uneven flooring also. And that is not the end. With time, nails or floor adhesive would get loose and your wood floor repair bill will escalate quickly. The same goes with stairs installation. It's clearly understandable you forget about the staircase flooring task. Engineered or hardwood installation, repair and sanding are time and financial consuming enough, so you cut off the staircase screening and restoration from your budget. Here is the deal, Flooring Services London provides extra quality staircase maintenance in Clapham Common with attractive price tag. Get a quote now!

Floor and staircase fitting in Clapham Common

In addition to all types of flooring installation, we add to our brilliant portfolio uncompromising staircase fitting projects. No matter the style of the desired stairways, we create sturdy treads, risers and balustrades to last you for a lifetime. To prevent upcoming repair issues, we work with high-quality products and prepare the perfect levelled subfloor. The preparation scenario is the same, no matter if it comes to real wood or manufactured and engineered options of flooring and stairways. The levelled and dry subfloor guarantees sturdiness and durability for decades. Next, we also provide great soundproof and insulation floor fitting with high-quality underlayment products.

The best floor and stairs sanding in Clapham Common

Here is where you can recognise our professionalism. Stairs floor sanding and staining are really precise jobs, made by hand. We want to save the genuine beauty of the artistic bannisters you can find all around Clapham Common with a fresh new finishing twist. You can count on us for engineered and hardwood school and commercial floor sanding, sealing and staining and gap filling also. Floor sanding and sealing add a lifetime to your flooring and often prevent major repairs. In the same time, both processes create the perfect blank canvas if you desire a new floor colour and finish.

Expert floor repair in Clapham Common

Wood flooring is popular already decades and that means you can find a lot of antique floors all around. Well, lumber itself has its own character and needs more in deep maintenance. If not properly treated over the years, wood could enlarge or shrink, causing major issues. A scratch floor repair can completely change the look of the floor. Staircase floor repair needs a different approach than laminate, parquet or floorboard repair. Floor scratches, gaps and loose steps are no more an issue with our successful restoration system.

Floor maintenance guide in Clapham Common

Proper floor cleaning is the key to the long life of your flooring. Flooring Services London provides wood floor maintenance information, which will save you time, money and most important of all, it ensures your flooring's beauty and durability for longer. Floor waxing is a tricky task because ice-skate rink slippery wax finish can be a serious issue. Don't take the risk and bet on Flooring Services London for amazing waxing, stripping, polishing and recoating service for both floors and staircases.

Don't neglect floor and staircase projects anymore, if you are on a low budget. Just give us a call on 020 70360625 or now!

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