Flooring Services in Islington

Wood is a creature of nature and every wood has its own character, colouring, story and structure. Since wood flooring is possible in many types of lumber, it requires an individual approach, whether it comes to wood floor refinishing and maintenance, cleaning and installation. With the great variety of materials in every colour, species and grades the market has to offer, you can find the right one that suits your style and financial plan. Browse our portfolio page, so you can visualise your ideas and get inspired by our previous projects. Now, once you have chosen the flooring type you desire, it is time to think of an effective and affordable wood flooring service and Flooring Services London here is a great alternative for Islington.

A great floor installation system in Islington

Wood flooring is a great investment, because it is attractive and beautiful and also long-lasting and low-maintenance. If you want an amazing wood floor installation for your home or office, don't hesitate to contact Flooring Services London for a free estimate. Our experienced and skilled experts can visit you in a convenient for you time, suggest you what type of flooring and installation is the best for your case and start the wood flooring project you've dreamt of for so long. In addition to wood floor fitting, we provide floor insulation and acoustic installation on affordable prices, which will improve your everyday life.

The art of wood floor sanding in Islington

Why sand and renovate your wood floor? If your floor is newly installed, you probably will end up needing floor sanding for an absolutely even and smooth surface. Old floors are sanded to get rid of discolouration, deeper scratches, after gap filling and to level outworn and thinner areas. No matter what your case consist of, you can always count on Flooring Services London for high quality and precise hardwood, solid and engineered wood, parquetry and stairs and banisters sanding and sealing. Refinishing your floor will make it look like a brand new and shiny, and floor staining could completely renew your design.

Wood floor repair guide in Islington

Wood floor repair and restoration may be needed not only for old and worn floors in bad condition but also for newly and poorly installed flooring. Some flooring services around are not so reliable and offer a poor job, not taking the mandatory prior steps. Not checking the moisture level of the subfloor may cause the wood shrink or enlarge with time and get loose. The same goes with bad quality nails and wood floor adhesive. The dirty and uneven subfloor may also cause floor dislocation. Flooring Services London can repair any flooring issue in Islington

Wood floor maintenance guide in Islington

Whether your floor is finished with wax, oil or lacquer, you need some annual maintenance strategy to prevent quicker wear and tear and to ensure the long life of your attractive flooring. Here comes to help our amazing maintenance service, including floor recoating, waxing and buffing, stripping and polishing. Contact us also if you plan commercial floor cleaning.

If you need more information on our flooring services, please contact Flooring Services London customer service on 020 70360625 or browse our blog section for interesting topics.