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Flooring Services New Generation in Kensington and Chelsea

Flooring Services in Kensington and Chelsea

Flooring Services London is a wood flooring company with years and years of experience in the Kensington and Chelsea local market. However, being in that branch for such a long time doesn’t mean we don't update our wood flooring techniques and equipment according to the latest trends. This makes us proud because there are not many companies, which can offer you the perfect balance between innovative strategies and reliable old-school hard workers. Because we pay attention to everything, which happens in the flooring world and we respect our clients and their personal needs and ideas, we at Flooring Services London have a special selection of flooring services, adaptive to every type of wood flooring on the market, which are a guarantee for the best results possible. You can choose from our customized and rich flooring services list and be sure, that no matter if you need wood floor fitting, sanding, repair or maintenance, we will always and with no exception try to meet your plans.

Wooden floor installation in Kensington and Chelsea

We are the leading floor fitting company in Kensington and Chelsea. Do you wonder why? Firstly, because we offer a great selection of wood floor laying styles you can choose from. The preparation of levelled and damp subfloor is the key to the perfect looking and solid flooring, but don't worry, even if your subfloor can be levelled for some reason, we have amazing floating flooring laying service for laminate and engineered wood. What about the high moisture level? We provide soundproof and floor insulation underlayment styles, which not only do their initial job perfectly but also work as a moisture barrier for parquet, hardwood and floor boards installation.

Highest value wood floor sanding in Kensington and Chelsea

Well, the high value doesn't mean always a high price and Flooring Services London is here to prove you this statement. Our hardwood, engineered wood, parquet, stairs and floorboards sanding, sealing and staining services come with super high quality (and expensive) dust-free equipment and products but we will tax you only the price of an ordinary low-cost refinishing service. Yes, you get the best Flooring Services London has to offer with a breathtaking price tag!

The finest quality floor repair in Kensington and Chelsea

Speaking of low prices, why don't you reduce the flooring service price even more? If you wonder how – just check out our special offers section. You can get a free estimate and site view for completely free! And you know prior floor diagnosing is essential for best results. Solid, engineered wood, parquet, laminate and staircase repair ensure the long and happy life of your flooring and prevent it from possible major issues.

Best flooring maintenance guarantee in Kensington and Chelsea

Wood floor polishing (and additional stripping), waxing (plus buffing), recoating and re-oiling are a piece of cake for us. Also for you, because these are the most timely and efficient services on the market, which are low cost and as good as refinishing itself. However, if your floor is a challenging project, we can handle it with care and caution!

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