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What makes Flooring Services London stand out from the others is the balance between visually beautiful wood flooring and the feel of durable construction, which will last you a lifetime. We are a company, that provides high quality and cost efficient flooring services such as floor installation, wood floor sanding and sealing, maintenance and repair and restoration. We are known in Camden area for our effective, affordable and friendly approach. We like to think every piece of wood flooring needs an individual approach just like every wood timber has its own structure and character. That helps us to create a statement flooring project and to build a happy client network. Check out below the main services we provide and contact our customer service for more information or to book your free estimate in Camden.

Flawless floor installation in Camden

The floor fitting isn't just about laying your wood flooring of choice, it is more like a long process. What does floor installation consist of? Prior preparation is needed for an uneven and damp subfloor. When the subfloor, being concrete or something else, is not completely dry, levelled and clean, that will cause future flooding issues. Our experts will choose the most suitable method of installation, depending on the room, subfloor and the flooring itself, but before that, we can provide you with excellent soundproof and floor insulation underlayment fitting.

Floor sanding goes pro in Camden

Wood floor sanding is a classic method where wood's subfloor is treated with sandpaper to remove scratches, gaps and the old worn and dirty finish to create a super smooth and even surface for refinishing and staining. It is suitable for newly installed floors, for example, solid wood floors are hardwood, where bare wood could be naturally curvy and uneven. Floor sanding is also great for old and worn floors in bad condition because the method will bring them back to life. Our Flooring Services London experts will provide you with more information if you really need sanding, depending on the flooring type and if it is sanded before. In addition, we supply gap filling, school and commercial building and stairs floor sanding, sealing and staining.

A reliable wood floor repair in Camden

There are specific wood floor issues, which come with the different types of flooring. For natural wood floor types, such as hardwood, solid and parquet, the wood material shrinks or enlarges with type, affected by sunlight, moisture and high traffic, which thins it. Engineered wood and laminate planks could get loose with time, because of loose nails and screws or sourwood floor adhesive. Flooring Services London can solve any wood floor issue at an affordable price.

Maintenance and floor care in Camden

Hardwood floors will last forever if you take the proper care. Flooring Services London experts answer every maintenance and floor cleaning question, such as how to remove stains, how often to clean your wood flooring, etc. Feel free to contact them through the “Ask an Expert” form on our site. For great wood floor maintenance, we offer a long service list, including floor waxing and buffing, stripping and polishing, recoating and re-oiling.

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