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Flooring Services in Haringey

We at Flooring Services London know wood flooring better than anyone in Haringey area. Our flooring professionals have great know-how, build with years of experience in floor installation, sanding and refinishing, repair and maintenance. So, we are proud to offer our clients exceptional flooring services for both residential and commercial projects and buildings. We pretty much understand how stressful remodelling your home and dealing with a flooring company could be, so we created a special flooring installation and refinishing methods and system, where we do our job in a timely and efficient manner, according to the highest standards in our branch.

High quality floor installation in Haringey

Installing wood floors isn't an easy job. You have to know well what is suitable for the building and room you plan the installation, also you have to know the different species of wood, what is the most effective way to install each of them, what certain preparation needs the subfloor, etc. We study these features for years and practice every day what we've already learned, so you can definitely count on Flooring Services London for expert advice and a great service. We have experience working with solid, engineered, hardwood, floorboards, parquet, laminate, staircases, soundproofing and floor insulation fitting and so on, in rooms of every shape and size. We can handle uneven subfloors, rooms with a high moisture level, and challenging angles. Check out our portfolio gallery for more inspiration!

Official wood floor sanding in Haringey

If you are a proud owner of wood flooring, whether it is old-charm parquet or contemporary hardwood timber, you know better than wood flooring needs some extra care. This type of flooring is pretty popular because it is not that hard to maintenance and clean and it adds a lot of simple elegance and warmth to your home, but you have to pamper it from time to time and wood will pay off in years of faithful service. The great thing is, that pampering here is a pretty simple and affordable service, which consists of sanding and sealing whenever the flooring gets dull, scratched and stained. Flooring Services London offers real wood and manufactured types of sanding and sealing and also gap filling and staining, which will leave your flooring sleek, new-looking, beautiful and durable.

Flawless wood floor repair in Haringey

The full-floor renovation tends to be an expensive service, so what options do you have? Part of our job consists of local wood floor repair, which means, we can remodel your flooring by removing super damaged and scratched areas and installing new lumber, which matches in finish, sheen and colour. And this service is possible for all types of wood flooring – parquet, floorboards, laminate, hardwood and even stairs repair.

The wood flooring maintenance guide in Haringey.

So what are jobs really consist of? The first direction, of course, is the practical part, where we provide high-quality cleaning and maintenance services all around Haringey area. The second direction, however, consists of giving our clients completely free expert advice on how to take proper care of their flooring. Visit our blog for more information, or contact our customer service at 020 70360625.

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