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Flooring Installation & Sanding in Southwark

Flooring Services in Southwark

They say: “All that glitters is not gold”. The same goes for wood flooring. Not every glossy and shiny wood floor is actually solid and sturdy. We at Flooring Services London often meet previously poorly done flooring jobs in Southwark. It is completely possible for your newly done or refinished flooring to have that visual “wow” effect only on the surface and neglected issues deep down, which may cause major problems in the near future. That means you definitely want a reliable flooring service, you can always trust. Flooring Services London is your helping hand in Southwark. For already decades we offer our clients a great wood floor installation, sanding and sealing, repair and maintenance in even the most challenging rooms and corners. We have our own style, recognizable with high-quality services, hard work and individual approach.

Great wood floor fitting in Southwark

Our floor fitting service comes for laminate, parquet, floorboards, hardwood, solid and engineered wood. Before installation, there is certain preparation needed. We prepare the subfloor for best flooring results by checking the moisture level, cleaning and levelling. When the subfloor is ready for the next step, you may consider soundproof and floor insulation underlayment installation, which also works as a moisture barrier for your flooring. Our experts will suggest you the most effective method of fitting for your room and we want to ensure you we always use the most quality wood floor adhesive.

Dust free wood floor sanding in Southwark

We are proud to announce we work with latest fashion machines, which are completely dust-free. However, we always want to be sure of your maximum comfort and provide dust sheets for the windows, we can remove the doors and furniture for completely free. The floor sanding process will remove the old and worn finish and the dirt and scratches accumulated during the years of use. After this process, the surface of the floor is super smooth and sleek and ready for the upcoming sealing and staining. Our experts will choose the proper wood finish, depending on your desire and the type of flooring. We always count on the best finishing products and dyes on the market.

Effective wood floor maintenance in Southwark

Our maintenance system guarantees years of life for your flooring. The annual maintenance, including wood floor waxing, buffing, polishing, re-oiling or recoating, depending on the prior finish of your floor, creates not only an attractive and clean surface but also a durable and solid floor structure. We also provide great commercial floor cleaning with heavy-duty equipment and methods, which get rid of even the most stubborn stains and dust.

Wood floor repair service in Southwark

Our wood floor repair service is great for solving different floor issues and for preparation before sanding and sealing also. We provide an excellent and high-quality job for hardwood floors, also laminate, parquetry, floorboards, engineered wood and staircases floor repair. Squeaky planks, loose and popping out nail heads, thinner wood, scratched floor surface and worn top layer are no more a problem if you contact Flooring Services London on 020 70360625 or through the contact form of the website.

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